"Last date of counselling (Session-1&2) is 30th July 2024"


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CSE-INTERNET OF THINGS (CSE-IoT) is a 4-year Undergraduate course in Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in IoT and applications. It imparts a firm foundation in Computer Science wireless communication and computer networks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network that inter-connects ordinary physical objects with identifiable addresses that provide Intelligent Services.

The programme aims to train students for professional knowledge and strong practical skills in the field of computer technology communication networks and IT that provides a wide range of applications in the Internet of Things. The programmer has to understand the use of devices in IoT technology, IoT Architecture and the application of IoT in various devices.

With the advent of internet, physical objects like sensors, security systems of smart homes, thermostats, LED bulbs, fitness trackers, smartphones, smart speakers, smart appliancres, etc. are connected and operated through the internet connections. These are called IoT devices and make things smart and smoothly operational, such as smart switches, smart TV, smart watch, etc., with IoT, it is possible to talk to these devices to operate them. In future, when devices will talk to each other without human interventions using IoT and soon IoT with become IOE, i.e., the Internet of Everything. So, this field has huge potential in the coming years and prepares students with the knowledge to manufacture and assemble such systems. Internet of Things (IoT) has been identified as one of the emerging technologies in IT. Future of IoT is very bright as this is feeding and empowering Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in a big way. Data from IoT network enables us to have better tracking, monitoring, prediction, management and control of various systems in different industries.


  1. IoT Specialist
  2. IoT Architect
  3. Program Manager
  4. IoT Consultant
  5. IoT Developer Industrial Data Scientists
  6. IoT Product Manager.

Expected Annual Salary:

For freshers in CSE Internet of Things, the average salary is more than INR 5 lakhs annually and gradually increases with expertise and experience. 

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