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About NIT

Just like the IIT`s, the National Institutes of Technology (NIT) are the second most premier technical institutions that are under the direct control of the Government of India and are considered to be the finest. Unlike IIT`s, the NIT`s are established at lesser-known cities of almost all the states in India and are contributing in the decrease of migration amongst students.

They have become the reason for smiles for those who fail to enter the IIT`s.  NIT`s are designed on the same platform that of the IIT`s and have the same job to do. They fill up seats in the same way as done by the IIT`s. In NIT students get admission through the JEE (Main) examination which is held each year for the students of +2.

In all there are 31 NIT`s across the country. The total seat capacity is about 24000 including all NIT`s and all technical courses. NIT `s at certain locations are even preferred over the IIT`s including certain specialized courses that the aspirants take in their graduations and make their desires come true.

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